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I have the position I am proud of daily embarrassed: do you want to watch Tucao stimulation [Sina game series, please indicate the source] destroyed three concept breaking limit no stem gathered, working day update, introduced the new thing on earth, and bring the most incisive. And best funny figure tucao! The most fresh pose as in the "Daily" embarrassed tucao! Too realistic – very strong! Small supermarket business is very good, want to buy a bottle of drinks are not crowded, the boss let him go to the kindergarten son sent me a drink. The child handed me the drink, I casually asked while the money: "children, and then a few days on the school?" The children side hand ready to take the money and said impatiently: "you nosese what? I’m busy with my business!" To the woman who, can only help you here – this picture is really the streets of Nanjing to be the most changeful font jacket a advertising: eat boiled salted duck, buy a down jacket. Shopkeeper: "caonima boiled salted duck!" Feel the bus driver may feel half carriage bus is a bottomless pit. Found a brother,   usage unbelievable; fur with rubber friction charged Stockholm syndrome of the popular explanation — sticks under the dutiful son the sparrow out of the window, talkative on the telegraph pole, you say to the school, a life without love feeling. What cure not – addiction is gone, do not know how the spirit of the University, boys dormitory to the thief, we found a group of boys started chasing the thief. A man runs express, he was about to catch up, the man looked back, leaving him, scared he ran back immediately. The criminal wanted by the police. She will not be found ah – this is not a cosmetic makeup, is man, woman go to confession, they are really good friends, woman said: "I always take you as brothers." Just when we thought the game was my buddy Biechu sentence: "dude, gay?" Adjust the position — you satisfied now blind girl is a single parent family, her mother was also present, during which we talked for a while, in order to please her future mother-in-law, I actively cooperate with net chat, pick some jokes and praise her words, talk more enjoyable. When parting girl said to me: "I feel you and my mother is a……" Rotate it, I even a fat pork — are not as good as the computer not on the network, so please a Master, he is also installed antivirus system is the demolition of the host…… Fiddle for a long time, the lattice action of my 500G, he finally got the router switch said: "it confirmed my suspicions! So your route is not open……" This is microcephaly, is caused by a virus – Zhai card manga "stilt boy" in the village, my generation is relatively large, when I was the kid has called me uncle adults. In adulthood, the courage to take the Village II confession (no blood relationship), a calm face she rebuffed: "uncle! Come on…….相关的主题文章:

Forced toast altercation in Fujian accused of affray – Beijing jailed for crimes foldercure

A quarrel in Fujian forced the defendant jailed for affray – Beijing punishment Beijing Liancheng 25 August, (Chen Lifeng Luo Haifeng) it the hard way, since drinking the bitter forced toast"! Liancheng County of Fujian province people’s court 25 disclosure, the court verdict the defendant Luomou guilty of affray and intentional injury crime, decided to implement the two years and four months imprisonment. The evening of December 31, 2014, the defendant Luo and his friend in a box of KTV due to the consumption of Liancheng County, and consumption in the box of Yao, Luo Moumou altercation in the next box toasting process, both sides fight was moved several times. After the two sides in the KTV floor again quarrel, the defendant Luo and his friend beating on Luo Moumou et al; the two sides were persuaded to open after KTV went to the door, saw the defendant Luo Yao appeared in the parking lot, and their friends to beat the victim yao. Identified by the Longyan Municipal Public Security Bureau identification of material evidence, the degree of injury to the victim Yao is a minor injury, the victim Luo Moumou degree of injury is a minor injury. On July 13, 2015, the defendant Luo initiative to Liancheng County Public Security Bureau police station to Wenheng, and truthfully confessed his crime of affray. In late September 28, 2015 11 pm, Xiemou (handled separately) threats, several times in the telephone at the defendant Luo, and drove to the defendant in the evening Luo home, so the two sides quarrel and fight each other. During the defendant Luo to advance on the house door after Guan Gong knife will Xiemou left hand cut. Identified by the Longyan Municipal Public Security Bureau identification of physical evidence, the victim’s left hand injury degree of injury two. On September 29, 2015, the defendant Luo initiative to Liancheng County Public Security Bureau police station to Wenheng, and truthfully confessed the fact that victims of intentional injury. After the incident, the defendant Luomou compensation for the loss of the victim, made the victim’s understanding. The defendant Luo Guan 1 knives used in crime by Liancheng County Public Security Bureau confiscated. The court held that the defendant Luo because of daily life in occasional disputes, beating another person, causing a minor one, one minor injury, his behavior had constituted the crime of trouble; the defendant Luo intentionally causing bodily harm, causing a two minor injuries, his behavior constituted intentional the crime of injury, it should be combined punishment according to law. The defendant Luo surrendered the initiative is surrendered, the compensation of the victim Xiemou loss. Accordingly, then make the decision in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章:

Foreign media said the Ukrainian engine will be authorized to produce in China including missile eng ca1834

Foreign media said that Ukraine will authorize the engine production in China: contains the missile engine data figure: test video screenshot Reference News Network November armed version of "Falcon" L-15 advanced trainer 9 news media said, according to the 2016 Zhuhai airshow in Ukraine was informed that the company will start the engine Vujacic authorized the production of several of the company’s products in the Chinese. A source was founded in this year the company and Chinese companies signed a Beijing Tianjiao aviation industry investment limited company agreement. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on November 7th, the joint venture will produce a series of first – by Ivchenko progress design bureau design and production company by Vujacic engine engine, the two companies are located in the southern city of Ukraine, zaporozhye. This protocol outline several engine assembly of a new factory in Sichuan in Chongqing, including D-136, MS-500V and TV3-117VMA-SBM1V helicopter turboshaft engine, AI-450S general aviation aircraft engines, D436-148FM and D-18T high bypass ratio turbofan engine, D-27 of turboprop engine, and AI-222 series of military jet engine. Curiously, the company said that the MS400 cruise missile engine was also produced in china. AI-222-25 is an especially important plan for China’s military aviation industry. This is the only power plant can be used in L-15 jet trainer Chinese Hongdu Aviation Industry Aviation Industry Corp on. A Hongdu Aviation Industry Corp is the production of the aircraft to attack model L-15B, the aircraft can carry new air to ground weapons. The L-15B plan is powered by a new version of a basic type of engine, this engine was named AI-222-25F, which represents the afterburner combustion F. The afterburner is developed and designed by Ivchenko design bureau. Eve Yisi C design officials stressed that this change is a major achievement for them. An official Eve Yisi C Design Bureau said: "we designed the whole exhaust part with afterburner, without the use of any other engine support. So, this is completely Ivchenko rather than transformation, forcing other manufacturers of jet engine combustion chamber." "Southeast" military & #8212; & #8212; L-15 Falcon advanced trainer相关的主题文章:

Bai Enpei, former vice chairman of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of first ppbox

Bai Enpei, former vice chairman of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of first instance pipansihuan — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn original title: former deputy director of the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Bai Enpei first instance pipansihuan newspaper in Beijing on 9 October, (reporter Xu Jun) Anyang City, Henan Province Intermediate People’s court 9 publicly announced the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, former vice chairman of Bai Enpei bribery and the huge unidentified property case, the defendant Bai Enpei taking bribes and sentenced to death, suspended for 2 years, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property, in the period of 2 years, according to law, the death sentence with a reprieve to life imprisonment, life imprisonment, or commutation and parole; large amounts of property from unidentified sources sentenced 10 years imprisonment. Decided to implement the death penalty, suspended for 2 years, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property, in the period of 2 years, according to law, the death sentence with a reprieve to life imprisonment, life imprisonment, or commutation and parole. The Bai Enpei bribery property from the property and unknown sources shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury. After hearing that: from 2000 to 2013, the defendant Bai Enpei has advantage as the Qinghai provincial Party committee, Yunnan provincial Party committee, the NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Vice Chairman post, power and status, for the benefit of others in real estate development, acquisition of mineral rights, job promotion and other matters his wife, either directly or by illegally accepting other people’s property, a total of RMB 246 million 764 thousand and 511 yuan. Bai Enpei also has a huge amount of property over the legitimate income, can not explain the source. Anyang City Intermediate People’s court held that the defendant Bai Enpei as national staff, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, by taking advantage of authority and position, through other state functionaries behavior, for others to seek illegitimate interests, illegally accepting other people’s property, his behavior constituted the crime of accepting bribes; Bai Enpei’s property, spending significantly more than the legitimate income, a huge difference, can not explain the source, constitute the crime of huge unidentified property, should be graft. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

The Henan canal and other scenic spots nine to be upgraded to the national 5A level scenic spots, tr www.jkggg.net

The Henan canal and other scenic spots nine to be upgraded to Wanfo Lake Scenic Area in Anhui city of Lu’an Province, the national 5A level scenic spots — the travel channel (source: Wanfo Lake Scenic Area official website) people.com.cn October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Feng Yatao) 13, the National Tourism Administration issued a public notice, intends to Anyang province Henan city canal, Anhui Taihang Grand Canyon? Lu’an City, lake and other scenic spots nine upgrade for the 5A level scenic spots. According to the official website of the national tourism administration information, China currently has 218 5A scenic spots. There is a fall, 5A class scenic exit mechanism has become the norm. Last October, the Shanhaiguan scenic area for some index is not up to the standard of 5A, for the first time by the National Tourism Bureau picked card; in August this year, the National Tourism Bureau smitten again, the 5A of Hunan Orange Island tourist area and Chongqing dragon Gorge Scenic delisted 5A. Said earlier, planning and Finance Department of National Tourism Bureau Director Peng Decheng interview, China’s tourism industry is in a critical period of rapid growth and transformation and upgrading of tourism scenic area service quality requirements continue to improve. The National Tourism Administration will further deepen 5A scenic assessment work, in the premise of strict standards, continue to promote the scenic assessment work, increase it in the post regulatory efforts to promote the safety, quality, area normalization supervision order. The latest list of publicity spots (click to view HD map): 1 the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Manchuria Sino Russian border tourism area in 2 in Anhui province Lu’an city Anyang city 3 Henan Wanfo Lake Scenic Hongqiqu? Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic 4 Guangdong city in Zhongshan Province, the hometown of Sun Zhongshan of Hainan Province, Sanya City, 5 tourist area of Wuzhizhou Island tourist area 6 Shaanxi city of Baoji province Taibai Mountain scenic spots in Nanchong city of Sichuan province Yilong 7 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 8 Yili, Zhu De’s hometown area kalajun area 9 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region state and static Bayinbuluke area (Ba Yin: Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: